Cosmetic Product Development. Starting with an initial customer description, we develop the right product according to their needs or those of their domestic market. All this accompanied by accelerated stability testing, compatibility testing, packaging and effectiveness of the product.

Development of Commercial Design and Packaging. We can carry out the entire process; from a commercial name given by the customer in developing the final package that includes logo design, colors, primary packaging format, format, packaging and format and language - translations - for its use. The whole process will be managed by graphic design professionals dedicated to cosmetics.

Development of Certification for the destination country. We carry out the necessary certificate handling for importing goods to the destination country (FDA, Sanitary Certificates, Free Sales Certificate, etc).

Export Management. We arrange everything for goods being export from the EU and later imported into the country of destination.

Flexibility and Agility. Full adaptation to customer needs and respect for delivery times agreed with the client in the delivery of products.

Professionals with consolidated experience in the industry and verified in all phases of the project. Research and product development, design, management and implementation of the certification service and export.

Consulting for Business Globalization

Strategic Consulting for globalizing companies. Business support services for introducing national products in international markets, management of specific certifications for export and import and consulting and management for the prospection of new customers (distributors, retailers, etc).